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Blowout Predictions and Hydrate Modeling Presentation

Simulations on subsea oil spills and flow assurance in risers and pipes.


Shock-Bubble Interactions

Compressible Flows: Interaction between a shock wave and a bubble.


Jet Stabilized Thin Film

The thin film on a surface is stabilized by an impinging jet.


Ultra-Thin Film Formation

The formation of ultra-thin film when a long plate is lifted at constant from a pool of liquid, and a thin liquid film is attached to this moving plate.


Flow over the sails of the Alinghi Yacht

Large Eddy Simulation of the flow over the windward main sails of the Alinghi Race Yacht.


Flow over the Millaut Bridge

Large Eddy Simulation of the flow over the Millaut bridge.


Pressure Forces on the Kupka

Large Eddy Simulation of pressure forces on the Kupka.


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