Research Group
Services & Engineering
  • 2013. High-speed steam jets in suppression pools. Completed.  (KEPCO).
  • 2013. Subsea oil and gas spills in North Sea and West Africa. Completed.  (SUBSEA Norway).
  • 2013. Hydrate plugging of pipelines under subsea conditions. Ongoing. (Confidential).
  • 2012. Estimates of flow rates from a leaking pipe. Completed.  (KK Leibstadt).
  • 2012. Sealing of subsea oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Completed.  (Confidential).
  • 2012. Vortexing phenomena in metallurgical processes. Completed. (ArcelorMittal).
  • ASCOMP helps Ciba Switzerland & BASF Germany review the design of Droppo towers.
  • ASCOMP helps dimension oil separators and oil production headers.
  • ASCOMP helps EMPA Switzerland understand catalytic reaction in complex foamy structures for automotive exhausts.
  • ASCOMP helps KEMA Holland understand and prevent the mechanisms of black-powder deposition in gas pipelines (Northstream case)
  • ASCOMP helps TOTAL France understand the turbulent dispersion of deep-sea, multiphase oil jets
  • ASCOMP delivers its report to BP UK on the state-of-the-art in modeling dispersed multiphase flows in vertical oil risers.
Development Group
  • Aug 2014. Version TransATMB-5.1.1.  BMR for the Phase-Averaged Model. More.
  • Aug 2014. Version TransATMB-5.1. Separate convergence criteria for each equation.
  • Nov. 2013. Version TransATMB-5. First  Windows-based Multi-Block release.  More.
  • July 2013. Version TransATMB-4.1.6.  First Multi-Block release with Message Passing Interface (MPI).
  • July 2013. Version TransATMB-4.1.6.  New Engine for boundary conditions definition and assignment.
  • May 2013. Version TransAT-4.0.  First TransAT release for Windows Operating Systems (Windows 7).
  • May 2013. Version TransAT-4.0.  C++ Interface for User-Defined Functions and Initial Conditions from text editor.
  • May 2013. Version TransAT-3.0.   All modules usable from TransATUI.
19 June 2014
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